100% Accuri 2 Woods Photochromic Motocross Goggles



The 100Percent Accuri II Woods Photochromic Dirt Bike Goggles are packed with features… Specifications Include: Fitment – Improved fitment and seal with increased field of view Lens – Anti-fog coated Photochromic auto adaptive tint for daylight conditions and offers 100% UV protection Lens Attachment – 9-point lens retention system. The highest number of retention points in the industry ensures a secure fit Frame – Flexible urethane frame ensures comfort and fits over eyeglasses Foam – Ultra-thick triple layer face foam soaks up sweat Strap – Large 45mm wide silicon coated strap keeps your goggles in place Supports triple post tear-offs for secure fitment Slash logo embellishment detail Simplicity – Racecraft 2, Accuri 2 and Strata 2 goggles utilize the same lens and tear-off’s PLEASE NOTE: These goggles come with a Photochromic auto adaptive lens fitted as standard