100% Racecraft+ Mirror Motocross Goggles – Toro, Toro



The 100% Racecraft+ Mirror Motocross Goggles are part of the latest 100% collection. Racecraft Plus MX goggles are tailored specifically with the motocross racer in mind, providing riders with pristine vision and a higher level of functionality while keeping the design clean and simple. Racecraft motocross goggles come equipped with a removable nose guard as well as triple-layer, moisture-managing foam for ultra stability and protection in treacherous track conditions. A 45mm-wide, silicon-coated strap keeps your MX goggles from slipping. The addition of the Plus+ shield lens increases visual clarity and protects against the demands of today’s racing condition. Key Features / Points: 100% UV Protection Anti-Scratch Silver Flash Mirror Plus+ Shield Lens Vented Triple-Layer Moisture-Managing Foam Removable Nose Guard Wide Silicon Coated Strap View all 100% Motocross Gloves . View all MX Goggles . PLEASE NOTE: These goggles come with a Silver Flash Mirror lens fitted as standard

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