Scott Fury WFS Motocross Goggles



The Scott Fury WFS 2020 MX Goggles are packed with features… Specifications Include: Lens Lock System – The SCOTT Lens Lock System has been designed to guarantee the safest lens retention on the market. Impact Resistance – In order to ensure that riders are safe from the impact of pebbles and flying debris, all SCOTT lenses not only meet, but exceed the required impact resistance standards required for MX lenses. 3-Layer Face Foam – This three-layer, open-celled face foam with fleece has excellent moisture-absorbing properties, and offers increased levels of comfort and an improved fit thanks to the extra layer of protective foam. Extra Wide No-Slip Silicone Strap – Wide strap featuring silicone grip lines help keep the goggles in place. Scott TruView Single Works Lens – SCOTT TruView lenses are lightweight and block 100% of harmful UV rays. TruView lenses pass SCOTT’s strict testing procedures, delivering high-quality, performance lenses. Different to traditional SCOTT MX lenses, this lens comes with 4 works pins instead of 2. The 4 pins provide more stability for the tear offs. With this system the tear offs will always remain tight to the lens and give the rider better vision. NoFog Anti-Fog Lens Treatment – SCOTT lenses undergo a permanent No Fog™ treatment process to prevent condensation and fogging. WORKS Film System Canisters – The SCOTT WORKS Film System (WFS) consists of two canisters – the WORKS Motorside Canister and the WORKS Supplyside Canister. Both are attached to the goggle lens. The Motorside Canister has a strong engine and enough space to roll off the full dirty film, while the Supplyside Canister holds the film. Click-on Canisters – No need for tools, no need to waste time. Simply click the canisters onto the WORKS pins and ride. The red lever ensures the canister is safely attached to the pins. This system is the ultimate in WORKS technology – switching from roll-offs to tear-offs has never been this easy. One lens does it all! Anti-stick grid with mudflap – The anti-stick grid with an integrated mudflap provides a clear view throughout the entire ride. The mudflap is made out of a transparent material that offers a larger field of vision in dusty or less extreme conditions. Includes – Goggle bag, noseguard and extra clear lens included