Scott Prospect S21 Pro Circuit 30 Years, goggle mirrored



The Prospect Pro Circuit 30 Year Anniversary Limited Edition Goggle is a celebration of the incredibly successful 30-year partnership between SCOTT and the Pro Circuit racing team. This limited edition goggle has been designed in a classic Pro Circuit heritage colorway and comes with a matching goggle pouch. The SCOTT Prospect is our flagship off-road motocross goggle. Used by an ever-growing list of champions, the Prospect goggle has everything you need to ensure your vision is the best it can be on the track or trail. With perfected features such as the NoSweat face foam, a maximum field of vision, the innovative SCOTT Lens Lock System, articulating outriggers and much more, the super-stylish SCOTT Prospect goggle has been engineered to Defend Your Vision no matter how extreme the conditions get. Frame Technologies Lens Lock System Articulated outriggers NoSweat 3-layer molded face foam Extra-wide, no-slip silicone strap Lens Technologies SCOTT TruView single WORKS lens NoFog™ Anti-Fog lens treatment Extras Bonus clear lens included Microfiber goggle bag Noseguard SCOTT TruView single lens with 4 WORKS pins SCOTT TruView lenses are lightweight and block 100% of harmful UV rays. TruView lenses pass SCOTT’s strict testing procedures, delivering high-quality, performance lenses. Different to traditional SCOTT MX lenses, this lens comes with four WORKS pins instead of two, providing more stability for the tear-offs. With this system the tear-offs will always remain tight to the lens and give the rider better vision. NoFog™ Anti-Fog Lens Treatment SCOTT lenses undergo a permanent NoFog™ treatment process to prevent condensation and fogging. Impact Resistance In order to ensure that riders are safe from the impact of pebbles and flying debris, all SCOTT lenses not only meet, but exceed the required impact resistance standards required for MX lenses. 100% UV Protection All SCOTT lenses are optically engineered to screen out 100% of harmful UVA/UVB rays. Lens Lock System The SCOTT Lens Lock System has been designed to guarantee the safest lens retention on the market. To avoid the lens coming out, this innovative Lens Lock System features four locking pins that go through the lens instead of grabbing it from the top. Articulated outriggers The Prospect has two pivoting outriggers that adapt to any helmet shape and size. The resulting pressure created by the goggle on the rider’s face provides a complete and consistent seal. For the Prospect WFS the pivoting outriggers enable a slick integration of the canisters for an unmatched look, even with the roll-offs attached. NoSweat 3-layer molded face foam This unique face foam consists of a microfiber layer that is extremely water absorbent. It soaks up moisture fast and avoids sweat getting into your eyes or inside the goggle.

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